Journeys are Better with a Team

Journeys are Better with a Team

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Our Team at Collective Liberty
It is amazing and humbling to think that Collective Liberty is about to have its third birthday. In the three years that we have been operating we have been able to accomplish amazing things, even as, for the majority of our time, we have also been juggling the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since our founding in October 2018 we have:

  • Assisted in the arrest of over 100 traffickers, with the majority of arrests happening in the past 18 months
  • Identified over 200 victims of trafficking and helped connect them to culturally-appropriate services
  • Assisted with the arrest of over 2,000 buyers that sought to exploit and traumatize girls and women. This included some of the first operations that targeted buyers, not potential victims, in Indiana
  • Helped to create over 60 new or updated municipal and state laws that close business loopholes that allow traffickers to operate in the open
    All of this has been possible because of our teams. Whether that is our amazing survivor leaders that serve as subject matter expert faculty or partners in the tech community that help us take advantage of emerging data science and technology products to provide cutting-edge resources to jurisdictions across the U.S. In order to tackle a problem as large and complex as human trafficking we have to all be in this together and elevate our local partners.

Collective Run for Collective Freedom 5K
This belief in the power of teams and collective action is one of the reasons we launched the Collective Run for Collective Freedom 5K.

Yes you can participate as an individual, but let’s be honest, whether you’re running, strolling at a leisurely pace, or enjoying the late summer/early fall weather with a lovely bike ride, it’s all a little bit better when you go as a team.

How to start? Well if you have a group already it’s pretty easy. Do you have a morning walking group? A team of runners? Maybe the weekend group that likes to meet up for some exercise followed by a delicious brunch.

If not - You can start just by inviting friends and family to the 5K or just tagging them on Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin.

Make your team as big as you can!

  • The largest team (number of registered participants) will receive a screening of their choice of one of three movies and a Q&A afterwards with Collective Liberty staff and training faculty OR
  • Raise the most money as a team to receive the 2021 Collective Team banner to show your commitment to ending human trafficking for all to see!

How to Make My Team

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Go to “Create a Team”

3. Register your team

4. You will receive an email to finish your team registration. Follow the steps provided by GiveLively

Not sure you want to lead a team - join ours! Join our CEO Rochelle Keyhan on her team today.  Click on the link and scroll down until you see “Join Team” which you can click and join.

So grab your team. Download some tunes - we recommend our Collective Run for Collective Liberty 2021 Playlist. And get ready for a great end to September!