Survivor Leader Collaboration

Survivor Leader Collaboration

We partner with survivor leaders to eradicate human trafficking in the United States and train others to do the same in the most victim-centered, intelligence-driven manner possible.

Our work is both for and guided by survivors at the center of every step we take. We work closely with sex and labor trafficking survivors from trainings to outreach, law enforcement engagement, and uplifting survivor led programs and projects. This approach not only ensures accuracy in our work, but it also minimizes trauma through the inclusion of survivor voices and experiences.We are proud to highlight some of the leaders who help us combat human trafficking across the country.

Jasmine Grace Marino. “The survivor story was incredible, inspiring, and eye-opening,” - law enforcement officer’s feedback after Collective Liberty Training Institute.

As a survivor of sex trafficking and drug addiction, Jasmine is a valued keynote speaker, panel participant, and facilitator for trainings, workshops and groups. She has spoken on panels at the U.S Commission on Civil Rights in New Hampshire and at two side panels for members of the United Nations in New York. Jasmine consults with healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, educators, and nonprofit organizations, and she advises on issues such as safe homes, program growth, curriculum development, survivor support, and peer mentorship. Jasmine is the founder and Director of Jasmine Grace Outreach and is a keynote speaker who brings awareness to sex trafficking and recovery. She was a facilitator for our training in Midland in September 2020.

Allison Franklin.  “Hearing from a survivor was very helpful to see the real perspective from someone who lived it, instead of what is mainstreamed,” - law enforcement officer’s feedback after Collective Liberty Training Institute.

After over a decade of enduring abuse and trafficking herself, Allie finally experienced real support services for the first time, which allowed her to begin to take the steps towards turning her life around. Having lived through systems failing her, she now works to make sure survivors are uplifted instead of overlooked. She has extensive experience advocating for survivors of all forms of sexual exploitation, and for solutions to systemic practices that fuel oppression and stigma. Allison is an accomplished speaker, addressing sex trafficking and sexual exploitation accompanied by drug abuse, mental health, and intersections with the criminal justice system.  She is recurring faculty for our trainings, and supported as faculty at our training in Austin in February 2020.

Bekah Charleston. “The survivor speaker changed my view on trafficking and how to go about doing my job,”  - law enforcement officer’s feedback after Collective Liberty Training Institute.

Bekah Charleston is the Founder of Exploitation 2 Empowerment where she helps survivors find truly meaningful and sustainable economic empowerment and freedom. Prior to this, she served as the executive director of a non-profit serving and supporting sexually exploited individuals where she managed operations, programming, and community outreach initiatives. Bekah’s dedication to the empowerment of Survivors comes from her own lived experience. After surviving a decade of abuse and exploitation, Bekah founded her own organization to provide customized training and consultancy services. Since then, she has provided guidance and coaching for program development, strategic planning, and economic empowerment initiatives to diverse audiences. Throughout her career, Bekah has collaborated with a variety of national stakeholders to develop and implement resources and training, and fight for state and federal policy changes. She has been an active member of two Task Forces, was a 2019 TEDx speaker, and has been recognized for her critical work in the anti-trafficking field by her colleagues and peers. In 2016, Bekah proudly earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice followed by a master’s in criminology in 2018. Her story of resilience and hope has been featured in communities across the nation by numerous media outlets. Most importantly, she is the proud mother of an incredible little boy who she is raising to change the world one day at a time. Bekah is a recurring faculty member for our trainings, and supported as faculty at our training in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in June 2020.

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