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In September, when we take time to honor and recognize the American labor movement, we want to draw your attention to those that remain exploited and unable to take advantage of protections, so many of us take for granted. Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in labor trafficking situations with numbers escalating over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traffickers rely on their victims being unable to seek support or assistance and the general public not knowing the signs or being able to intervene on victims' behalf.
Labor trafficking victims in the agricultural industry often travel across the country to find seasonal work in rural or remote locations. Men, women, and children as young as 5 have been found to be trafficked at nearly every level of the industry. Particularly vulnerable are undocumented immigrants and holders of temporary H-2A or H-2B work visas.

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Labor trafficking victims in the service industry are also exploited under the presence of actual or implied coercion, fraud, or force with the assumption that they are bound to their jobs through involuntary servitude, forced labor, violence, peonage, or debt bondage. Service-based labor trafficking victims, particularly in the cleaning service industry, are forced to work for the benefit of their employer, who often holds their documents if the victim is not a US citizen. They are often asked to work with dangerous chemicals, have wages confiscated, are forced to work off debts, and are often faced with threats of homelessness. Watch this video - learn the signs to save lives! Learn More >>

Our belief in the power of teams and collective action led us to launch the Collective Run for Collective Freedom 5K.

Yes, you can participate as an individual, but let’s be honest, whether you’re running, strolling at a leisurely pace, or enjoying the early fall weather with a lovely bike ride, it’s always a little bit better when you go as a team.

Make your team as big as you can!

  • The team with the  most registered participants will receive a screening of their choice of one of three movies and a Q&A with Collective Liberty staff and training faculty OR
  • The team that raises the most money will receive the 2021 Collective Team banner to show your commitment to ending human trafficking!

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Repeal loitering laws that target prostitutes. They’re not effective At Collective Liberty, we train law enforcement to attack human trafficking on two ends, the traffickers and the buyers. Time and time again we have seen that arresting potential victims not only doesn't end human trafficking, it is extremely harmful. "We need to improve public policy to ensure that as a community, we support vulnerable populations while stopping traffickers. Supporting instead of arresting potential victims is a necessary step in eradicating human trafficking and creating a pathway out for survivors," our CEO, Rochelle Keyhan, wrote for NY Daily News.

Survivors of R Kelly's abuse are testifying in his trial for sex and labor trafficking charges. Members of his criminal enterprise have also testified corroborating R Kelly's method of control. "Anthony Navarro, who worked for Kelly between 2007 and 2009 as an alleged "runner," described Kelly's home as a "strange place," testifying under subpoena that Kelly's "girls" and "girlfriends" had to "get permission for most things" under "Rob's rules". Tom Arnold, another employee of Kelly's between 2003 and 2011, said one of his duties was to "hand out" small pieces of paper with Kelly's phone number to women in malls or at parties." But R. Kelly is not the first or last influential man being held accountable for sex trafficking. Here are some recent examples of powerful celebrities involved in trafficking. We expect to see other cases and applaud brave survivors for speaking out against injustice. Texas became the first state to make buying sex a felony. Anyone offering or agreeing to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for a fee will no longer be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. Now, they will be charged with a state jail felony. The first arrest was made on 9/1 in Waco by The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office. We are always proud to work with and provide support to such a great group of trafficking investigators.

Apple threatened to kick Facebook off its App Store after a 2019 BBC report detailed how human traffickers were using Facebook to sell victims, according to The Wall Street Journal. The paper viewed company documents that show a Facebook investigation team was tracking down a human trafficking market in the Middle East whose organizers were using Facebook's services. What appeared to be employment agencies were advertising domestic workers that they could supply against their will.

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