Human Trafficking Course for Financial Institutions

Human Trafficking Course for Financial Institutions

Collective Liberty in partnership with Innova Learning and ComplianceAid, leading providers of eLearning and comprehensive corporate education, present the corporate training module for financial institutions.

With decades of experience creating corporate training modules around anti-money laundering and illicit financing for major national and international financial institutions and corporations in adjacent industries, Innova Learning was the natural partner for Collective Liberty’s corporate education courses.

Our initial course offering focuses on financial institution education around anti-money laundering and illicit financing indicators of human trafficking. The full course offerings are designed to address 4 different industry segments: Financial Services, Food Processing and Extractives, Casinos, and Healthcare.

The course is set in a newscast with 2 news anchors and multiple field reporters who identify elements of trafficking and define what constitutes trafficking.


What makes the course so unique is that it is constructed so specific banks, financial institutions, or corporations can easily modify it to specifically fit their training operations, even down to the case studies and procedures used. We currently have a library of 11 case studies and are in the process of increasing it to 24.

For companies and financial institutions with specific goals and internal deliverables, Innova and Collective Liberty are also happy to create custom case studies. One international bank is currently adopting it for their U.S. operations and is evaluating it for enterprise-wide adoption with appropriate changes to fit a specific country/region and in the language(s) of the country or region. We are also in talks with a smaller local credit union about adoption of the course for their team.

Collective Liberty staff trained more than 7,000 anti trafficking professionals across 45 US states and created innovative technologies for law enforcement and other agencies to prosecute human traffickers and protect and liberate survivors.

Innova has been providing regulatory and compliance training to the financial services world since 2007 and their clients include UBS, the Federal Reserve Bank, GE Corporate, Brown Brothers Harriman, and Cargill.

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