Donate now to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking!

Donate now to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking!

At Collective Liberty, our purpose extends beyond the justice system. While our innovative technologies produce efficient insights needed by law enforcement and other agencies to prosecute human traffickers, they also help protect and liberate survivors. Combined with legislative efforts to create systemic change through public policy, it is our mission to effectively end all forms of human trafficking and ensure survivors have access to necessary resources.

Training anti-trafficking professionals, changing systems with policymakers, collaborating with service providers, elevating survivors, and supporting victims, we've continued to make an impact in a big way and none of this would have been possible without our supporters. Help us continue to make an impact in saving lives and ending human trafficking.


The impact we’ve created together

Our support resulted in the arrest of more than 1000 traffickers who were referred for prosecution, as well as the arrest of more than 1500  buyers, many of whom were attempting to purchase sexual access to a minor (with more kids spending so much more time online unattended due to COVID, they are often left highly exposed).

We supported 189 victims. This is the ultimate proof of the impact of our work. Far too often, victims have been conditioned to reject support from law enforcement or service providers — to fear anyone besides the trafficker that controls their lives. The more that all people that come into contact with victims are able to utilize culturally-specific, trauma-informed practices the more often victims feel supported and safe.

Our work is both for and guided by survivors at the center of every step we take. We work closely with sex and labor trafficking survivors from trainings to outreach, law enforcement engagement, and uplifting survivor led programs and projects.

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This approach not only ensures accuracy in our work, but it also minimizes trauma through the inclusion of survivor voices and experiences.We are proud to highlight some of the leaders who help us combat human trafficking across the country.

As we continue to scale, we are conscious and deliberate about ensuring resources are not a barrier to accessing our capacity-building support to empower jurisdictions across the nation's over 17,000 incorporated cities.

With the tireless efforts of our team  we were able to train nearly 8,000 professionals in the anti-trafficking space and launched the Human Trafficking Fusion Center.

With the launch of our Human Trafficking Fusion Center in 2020 we are able to connect human trafficking investigators from across the nation to the tools they need to stop traffickers - this includes cutting-edge intelligence analysis, curated data, and networks of like-minded investigators.

How will your donation be used

We know there’s much more to be done and 100% of the money you donate will be spent deep deepening data and analysis support to our partners on the ground actively fighting trafficking utilizing deep technology and machine learning tools, and scaling our training and technical assistance to more jurisdictions across the country
With your help, we can change the landscape of trafficking and help victims lead a life of dignity. Donate now and help us create sustainable change in ending human trafficking!