Data Science Intern

About Collective Liberty:
Collective Liberty is an award winning NGO whose mission is to eradicate human trafficking by collaborating across industries, agencies, and service providers to create ground-breaking, data-driven approaches that work. By encouraging the existing human trafficking community and other stakeholders to think in new and innovative ways, we address, disrupt and put an end to all forms of trafficking. We work closely with government agencies to shift systems and improve public policy to ensure as a community we support survivors while stopping traffickers.

Internship Description:
A core intervention that has proven invaluable in Collective Liberty’s mission of transforming the systems that work to combat trafficking is cutting-edge, strategic research. Given that Collective Liberty is composed of civilians (i.e. not law enforcement) our research and intelligence analysis is based on open source data. The reams of data, from social media analysis to disparate message boards and more, that can be produced in the search to better understand trafficking and the movements, behaviors, and attitudes of traffickers, victims, potential victims/vulnerable populations, buyers, and other relevant stakeholders means that our data team plays a critical role in this campaign. Data Science interns will have a unique opportunity to explore different research and analysis methods, data sources, and the ability to enhance the field’s understanding of what the different populations experience.  Successful candidates will have the ability to extract meaningful, top-level analysis and help other team members understand the significance of findings. Data Science interns will work with senior leadership to inform and guide business decisions.
There may be potential to engage in more advanced data science work including basic analysis, statistical modeling, data scraping, or coding and script work (e.g. Python, Ruby). This will depend upon the background and interest of the intern and the current state of ongoing research. This is not expected or required of data science interns and is instead meant to illustrate the range of projects that data scientist interns can potentially work on. The most important requirement is the ability to have an open mind and approach data with objectivity to learn what the changing reality of human trafficking and exploitation is rather than forming data to fit an already formed narrative.
Interns will have at least one consistent project that they will work on for the duration of the semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and will receive regular guidance and support from their Collective Liberty supervisor. Projects will be determined when the intern begins and will be based on an intern’s interest, background/skills, and the organization’s need. Our data analysis and support are the most frequently requested services from Collective Liberty partners. Interns should expect that over the course of their internship they will be asked to help out on ad hoc projects ranging from responding to emails from partners to quick reviews of generic websites like Groupon or commercial sex websites like USASexGuide or even helping review analysis for clarity and grammer.  Interns will have opportunities to engage in formal and informal learning opportunities that can include brown bags, meeting with subject matter experts, and brainstorming major innovations with Collective Liberty staff. All intern supervisors will work to ensure interns leave with new skills and new knowledge they can take forward.

Required Qualifications

  • Criminal justice/science, intelligence analysis, anthropology, or similar background
  • Experience with data analysis, mapping, or research
  • Culturally aware and appreciative of difference
  • Innovative problem solver

Preferred Qualifications

  • Have a school work study or internship subsidy program. We will comply with all requirements to support the work study and subsidy applications, and will assist with fees as needed.
  • Foreign language skills preferred including Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Indigenous/First Nation languages (e.g. Quechua, Nahuatl, Mixtec, Navajo)
  • Experience with SQL and scripting languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP)
  • Experience with AWS ecosystem (EC2, Aurora, Redshift and S3)
  • Experience with R is a plus

Working Hours and Duration

  • All intern positions are remote. Meetings will be conducted via Google Video
  • Collective Liberty does typically work on a 9am-5pm EST schedule but because positions are remote interns can work with their supervisor to determine what their exact hours will be. All interns are expected to have at least 1 hour a week during normal business hours to work with Collective Liberty staff
  • Interns will work the hours required by their program or an average of 10-15 hours a week
  • Interns will have the opportunity to extend for an additional semester depending on availability of projects and intern’s performance

Collective Liberty is committed to staff that embrace cultural humility, a push for constant reflection and improvement, impact over ego, and above all, a belief that together we can achieve a better world.
We encourage applications from candidates of all race, class, gender, sexuality, and nationality, religious and other group identities; and we encourage applications from candidates who can demonstrate ability to foster an inclusive work environment and work with faculty, students, and staff from diverse backgrounds, values, and nationalities. Those impacted by human trafficking, are similar justice issues, are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply: Please submit a copy of your resume and a letter of interest to You should list the position you are applying for in the subject line.