We have two new positions up – and we are looking for innovative data and intelligence focused professionals to join our team of culture-shifting changemakers and human trafficking subject matter experts as we work to eradicate human trafficking in the United States.

We have a position open for (1) Data Scientist, and (2) All-Source/OSINT Intelligence Analyst. If have a passion for building a better future, and strong data science and intelligence analysis background – please apply!

Together our staff and board members have over 50 years of experience in law enforcement, data and intel analysis, strategic management, and direct experience on the impacts of trafficking. We work to leverage our collective wisdom and strengths so that we are constantly learning from each other and from our partners in the field. All members of the organization are encouraged to use their lived experiences to refine and improve strategy and project goals so that Collective Liberty, and the impact it produces, is as strong as possible.

Data Science to change the world. Apply today!
Intelligence Analysis to change the world. Apply today!