When survivors come forward, it is difficult and sensitive, and the way media covers, and we talk about, Demi Moore’s experience is important.

Familial trafficking is rampant and sometimes the hardest trafficking to detect. At least 41% of people recruited into trafficking are recruited by their family members according to IOM – UN Migration and CTDC. Familial sex trafficking of minors involves traffickers giving offenders sexual access to victims (in person or via pornography) in exchange for drugs, money, or something else of value.

It’s hard enough to identify and grapple with human trafficking as it is, but even moreso when a parent, who is responsible for helping shape a child’s worldview and norms, is their trafficker.

❤ ❤ We hope she finds healing in putting her experience to words, and that she is met with compassion and grace. Believe Survivors.

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